Our hire clubs which you will be using.


TaylorMade clubs are world renowned both among professionals and amatuers alike, the Burner range gives the golfer one of the most forgiving clubs on the market, whether you're a high or low handicapper. Don't worry if you don't normally use Taylormade clubs, as all the courses in Spain have either a driving range (usually a couple of Euro for a basket of balls), or practice nets attached to them, so you can get accustomed to the clubs before starting your round. 

Drive for show !! TaylorMades Superfast 2 drivers, white crown reduces glare:

Burner 2 Driver  Burner 2 Driver  



 Fairways and rescues.

Burner 2 Irons:

 Burner 2 Iron  Burner 2 Iron.

 Burner Superlaunch Irons:


Burner Superlaunch Irons


 And of course, Putt for dough!!... with Rossa Spider,  or  Rossa Blade Putters:

 Rossa Vicino Putter.        Rossa Daytona Putter.  .

Please Note..Putter model may vary from those illustrated, though all are from the Rossa range. All our hire gear uses regular flex shafts ( though we can provide a stiff option if required ), and each bag contains a Driver, 5 Wood, Rescue Club and Burner 2 or Burner Superlaunch Irons, along with your choice of Putter type.

Rental Clubs


Each bag has a few complimentary tees, balls, and at least one of your party will have a retriever to get them out of the water !!, if you've played Spanish cousres you will know what we mean !!. If required you can purchase a sleeve ( if you think you're hard enough ! ) or even a box of balls ( if you're not !)  at competitive prices, when you collect your clubs, or just bring your own. 

(Bag make, model and colour may vary from illustrated). So instead of punishing yourself on the course.......just Spank-It !!!