Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of hire: You must agree to the following to enable you to proceed with the Hire Agreement.


 All rental fees will be made payable to Spank-it.com and transacted by means of a valid credit or debit card, this may be made  via Pay Pal, our prefered method of payment, however payment can be made securely on line or over the telephone, at which time you will be asked for credit/debit card and passport details, and for which a voucher can be printed off in the form of an Email, or posted out as proof of Hire, this MUST be presented to our representative on the day the hire agreement is due to start. The Hirer hereby authorizes Spank-it.com to charge the hirer's credit or debit card for the agreed rental amount, any amounts due plus any late or  non-returned equipment, and for all other amounts payable under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Privacy Policy:

We do not store Credit Card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties


Possible Additional Charges to Your Credit or Debit Card:

 In addition to charges for the Rental Period, we may charge your credit or debit card by means of authorisation capture, with the following additional charges:  For any lost, stolen, damaged or broken equipment, which must be reported to our representitive at the earliest opportunity, and at least at the end of the Hire term, on return of the equipment.

In the case of a block booking payment, the lead hirer will be held responsible for any of the above charges incurred by any of their party.

 N.B. A flat rate charge of £10 will be made against the hirer for lost headcovers from Drivers, Fairway and Rescue woods and Putters.

Spank-it.com operates a secure payment protocol, and does NOT share personal information with anyone.

Delivery and Collection:

 A representative will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall of Alicante or Murcia Airports, or for those using self drive car hire, we can arrange to meet you in the carpark, but in most cases we will deliver to the first course you play or your hotel or accomodation, after presenting your voucher and other required documents (passport and valid credit or debit card) your rental clubs will be handed over to you for your personal use for the agreed rental period.

 Clients who reserve more than one set of clubs when making their booking, will need the other members of their party to produce their passport and an active credit or debit card on collection (unless a block payment and booking has been made, in which case only the named lead member need produce these documents).

 At the end of the rental term our representative will collect your rental clubs at an agreed time at the final golf course venue you play at, or your hotel or rental accommodation, or the departures hall, or hire car return floor of the car park of  Alicante or Murcia Airports,  if your departure time is after 22.00hrs. we will collect the rental clubs from your final golf course venue, and in which case, we will need informing of such. Failure to return your rental clubs before the closure of the check-in desk of the flight details submitted to us will result in a charge to your credit card to the full amount of the non returned equipment (unless an extension has been agreed).

Failure to Return the Equipment:

You are obligated to return the equipment to us on the last day of rental or upon our request if we demand the return of the equipment sooner. Your failure to return the equipment to us for any reason, including if the equipment was lost or stolen will result in our charging your credit or debit card the full amount of the manufacturer's suggested retail price for the equipment, in addition to any charges for the rental period. The hirer will not sell, re-assign, sublease or transfer any of the hirers interest in this Agreement or the Rental Equipment. Any such attempted sale, assignment, sublease or transfer will be deemed to have broken the hire agreement, and Spank-it.com shall have the right to immediately reposses the Rental Equipment and apply any applicable charges as specified in this Agreement. Spank-it.com may sell, transfer or assign its interest in this Agreement or the Rental Equipment without the consent of the renter.


 Spank-it.com cannot, and will not, be held responsible for injury to the person(s), or damage to property, however so caused, during the period of the Hire term, and it is strongly recommended that Personal Liability Insurance is purchased for the duration of the Hire term.

N.B. most golf courses will charge a small fee, either alongside, or included in the usual green fee for this insurance, and is usually a mandatory requirement prior to playing that particular course.

 Security of Equipment:

The Hirer of the rental equipment must take all measures necessary to guard against theft of, loss or damage to, the rental equipment whilst in their posession.

Please note the following: Spank-it.com, have, for security reasons, registered all serial numbers with TaylorMade ®, and furthermore, all clubs are security marked with the Smart Water ® indelible marking system, which will be checked upon the return of the equipment, any of the clubs found to have been substituted and not bearing the Smart Water code, will be charged against the Hirers credit or debit card for the manufacturers full retail purchase price.

Right to Cancel:

You may cancel your hire agreement without loss of monies paid, providing you inform Spank-it.com of your intention, 28 days prior to the commencement of your hire term. Any cancellation after this period will incur a 75% charge of all hire fees regardless. 

 Warranty Disclaimer:

 Whilst Spank-it.com make every effort to maintain the equipment to the highest standards of reliability and usefulness, the equipment is rented on an ''AS IS'' ''WITH ALL FAULTS'' basis. You the renter, agree to bear the entire risk as to the quality or performance of the equipment. Should the equipment be returned defective, the renter will assume the entire risk unless it can be proved that the equipment was faulted. Spank-It.com has not made, does not make, and hereby disclaims any representation or warranty whatsoever, express or implied, with respect to the rental equipment,including, but not limited to, it's design, performance, condition, merchantability or fitness for use for any particular purpose.

The golf clubs provided are manufactured by 'TaylorMade' ®, however 'TaylorMade' ®, 'Adidas' ® and 'Ashworth' ® or their subsiduaries, are in no way connected, endorse, or are liable for Spank-it.com, or indeed are liable for injury to  person(s) or damage to property whilst the hirer is in possesion of the hire clubs, however so caused.

Terms of reference:

The 'Hire Term',  'Rental Term',  'Agreement', 'Hire Agreement',  'Term of Agreement' or 'Agreement Term' is the period specified by the 'Hirer' and agreed with Spank-it.com. The 'Client', 'Renter' or 'Hirer' is the person who is applying for and making payment to Spank-it.com, for the Term of  Agreement.  'Equipment', 'Rental Equipment', 'Clubs', 'Rental Clubs', 'Hire Clubs' or 'Golf Club's' referred to in the hire agreement, are the service that Spank-it.com provide. 'As Is' and 'All Faults' refers to the service ability of the equipment during it's intended use. 

 Force Majeure:

Spank-it.com shall not be deemed to be in default of this Agreement if its performance is delayed or prevented by acts of God, public enemy, war, civil disorder, fire, flood, explosion, riot, labour disputes work stoppage or strike, any act or order of any governmental authority, or any other cause beyond the control of our company.

Spank-it.com reserves the right to change, ammend or alter the Terms and Conditions of Hire without prior notice or permission of the hirer, and from time to time due to wear and tear, loss, theft or damage, change specification of the clubs supplied, in most cases these will be of equivalent or up graded equipment.